Emerald lakes of Kazakstan

Emerald lakes of Kazakstan, Kazakhstan tours

Tour title: Emerald lakes of Kazakstan

Places to visit: Nur Sultan, Almaty, Kolsai Lakes, Kaindy Lake, Charyn Canyon

Day 1: Nur Sultan
Today you will meet the guide at International airport of Nur Sultan, and then you will be transferred to the capital. You will observe today the fabulous sight of the city. In course of the tour you will see the Constitution Square, where was the transfer of the capital from Almaty to Astana, which was announced by the first President of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev Nursultan. After you will experience the Presidential Centre of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There you will have a chance to see the Golden man that is the significant symbol of Kazakhstan. If you want to observe the urban sight of the city you will visit the mesmerizing attraction Khan Shatyr, this landmark is known for its beautiful roof architecture, which is the largest tent in the world. After you will explore the amazing monument which was built after independence of Kazakhstan the "Astana-Baiterek" monument, you will go to the top and observe the amazing panorama view of the capital. The you will cross Ishym river and fascinate the Kazakh Eli Square. You will also observe unique architecture of the Palace of Peace and Accord, and also discover the vivid grander of Khazret Sultan mosque. You will complete the tour with the Palace of Independence, there you will know interesting development of the capital and know about the future plans of the country in the hall "Layout Astana until 2030". You will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 2: Nur Sultan - Almaty
After breakfast you will drive to the airport and fly to south capital of Kazakhstan Almaty. This day you will have a sightseeing tour. You will start with the Green Bazaar, here you can buy a variety of products ranging from clothing to food, you can also buy Souvenirs. The next destination will be Panfilov Park, which was named after 28 heroes' soldiers. You will see there the mighty building in the center of this park Zenkov Cathedral. Then you will lead to amazing attraction the Medeo Gorge, that is known due to the highest ice rink in the world. You will observe today the next spot Shymbulak resort. Then you will transfer to the Kok-Tobe hill there you will have a chance to walk observe the amazing views and see the highest TV tower in Kazakhstan. You will reach this place by the picturesque winding mountain road. In park of Kok Tobe you will meander and take a photo of this fabulous place, you will also see the gorgeous panorama of the gorge. Today you will see amazing sights of the south capital of Kazakhstan and know interesting facts about Kazakh people. You will go the last sight the rail road and have a ride from the top to the center of Almaty. The night will be in the hotel.

Day 3: Almaty - Kolsai Lakes
An adventure starts with driving to spectacular lakes of Kazakhstan Kolsai lakes. You will meander in Kolsai 1 and Kolai 2 Lake. Kolsay lakes are a favorite place for mountain tourists. Kolsay lakes are one of the most beautiful places of Kazakh nature. They are also called the blue necklace of the Northern Tien Shan.Translated from Kazakh, "Kolsay" means "lake in the gorge", because all three lakes are located in the most picturesque gorge of the Eastern part of the Kungei Alatau range, which is 300 km from Almaty. The lakes are located at an altitude of 1800, 2250 and 2700 above sea level. The Kolsay river originates from glaciers located on the Kungei-Alatau mountain ranges and flows in turn into three lakes: Upper, Mynzholki and Lower. The water in the lakes is fresh. Kolsay lakes are very deep. For example, the deepest place in the first lake is 80 m, and in the second - about 50 m. The bottom is flat in places, without rock ledges. Then you will transfer back to Saty settlement. The night will be in the guest house.

Day 4: Kolsai Lakes - Kaindy Lake
After breakfast you will direct to amazing Kaindy Gorge. You will observe today the fabulous Kaindy Lake. A high-altitude reservoir located in the Tien Shan mountains. It is considered a natural attraction not only in the Almaty region, but also in the entire Republic of Kazakhstan. Its formation occurred at the beginning of the last century as a result of an earthquake. An avalanche blocked the path of the river, and the valley filled with water In the middle of the 20th century, a powerful mudflow descended, which reduced the area of the water mirror and the depth of the Kainda by half. To date, the depth of the lake is very small - 25 meters. The water temperature in the mountain reservoir is 6-8 degrees all year round. The trunks of fir trees protrude directly from the water surface of the lake. Interestingly, the trees are not lifeless. You can see green branches and needles. At the time of the sinking in 1911, there was a forest here that is now called sunken.  You will have a chance to have a picnic in this place. To finish the tour you will drive back to Saty settlement.  After arrival you will have a free time and discover the amazing land. If you want you can order horse riding (for surcharge). You will rest the night in the the guest house.

Day 5: Kolsai Lakes - Charyn Canyon - Almaty
This day you will have a tour to magical Charyn Canyon. Charyn canyon is a unique natural complex of Kazakhstan, it has a length of about one hundred kilometers. The Most picturesque and beautiful place in Charyn is the valley of castles. In front of you seems to be the ruins of some multi-storey temples of ancient Greece. These are colorful pillars, towers, and galleries created by skilled artists - nature and time. It impresses people with its wild, pristine beauty. It is one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan. Charyn was formed 12 million years ago. When you get to the canyon, you can see beautiful views, get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people and feel the national of the East. You will see all the splendor of the Kazakh land and have a great time, get to the canyon in 3 hours. After arrival be prepared to observe the fabulous views of the Canyon the pride of Kazakhstan. You will rest the night in the hotel.

Day 6: Flight
In the morning is transfer to airport.