Since Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country, on the tour you will see around 2000 lakes, located at the heights of 2500-4000m above sea level. Most of them are created as the mean of melting of glaciers. Nowadays, each tour in Kyrgyzstan is based on the car rent service. If you rent a car you will drive along lakes as Issyk Kul, Son Kul and Chatyr Kul.

We are looking for the probabilities to show the details of the creation and basic emergence of the lakes, and in this case let us familiarize the following lakes to travel on the tours:

Issyk Kul Lake is located at the height of 1600m. It is the pearl of the country, sited in Tien Shan mountains. The name of the lake means "warm lake". The lake never freezes, even in the winter. It is the second most transparent lake in the world, after lake Baykal. Afterwards we are going to drive to Son Kul lake on the tour in Kyrgyzstan. The sacred lake is located at the height of 3016m above sea level. The area of this lake is extraordinary for the astounding valley and summer pastures where it is contented to wander. This lake is fed by the waters of Kajyrty River and the Naryn River.

The next lake you will drive by renting a car is Chatyr Kul, located at the altitude of 3530m above sea level. You will drive the way along the Torugart Chinese border. The Merzbacher lake is interesting from the point of view of them to vanish each summer. The boarders make the way lengthways the heights of the country, it is possible to become the one to trek and climb them. Then the lake Sary Chelek is known as the lake of the appearance of the valley which was flooded. It is totally enclosed by forests and woods, here you can meet the watercourses of the mountain slopes. The air is fresh and water is pure. It is worth travelling in Kyrgyzstan and see them on tours.