Issyk Kul lake

Issyk Lake is the jewel of the world. We're positive about that. It is located in the middle of the mountains, with a rented car on a tour of Kyrgyzstan, which allows us the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful view of the "warm lake." Many people welcomed the thought of being salty. There is an earthquake that has affected a village there, an ancient site. Then a handful of the girls were out of town until they arrived, and then they found the ruins crying and filling the hole.

The tour of the Kyrgyz lake, with some 8.5 meters of water falling between 1856 and 2002, was accepted by our team. The lake north of Kungey Alatau and south of Terskey Alatau can also be seen by anyone who arrives to rent a car. The lake could be the one in which the fish dive. But if you're on the beach, you can buy Osman's naked, chebak, and carp. They rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and, of course, taste the consistency of the sea, the air and the joy of the tour. 

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