Uzbekistan travel and tour 11

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 11
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: Meeting in Tashkent, Tashkent and transfer to the airport. You can have breakfast in the hotel. You will spend the night at the hotel.
Day 2: Breakfast is seven years. Tashkent, Central Asia, one of the greatest ancient cities, a sightseeing tour of the capital of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan, Tashkent, "Stone City" is known as a city of contrasts and bright. You can see both the old and the modern city will be. A lunch. (330 km) in Samarkand. Samarkand, accommodation and arrival at the hotel. This night will be held in Samarkand
Day 3: After breakfast in Samarkand "domed Blue Cities" will be a full day tour: The history of Samarkand by Timur in 2500 and back-dated interest dynasty dates and times the value of the architectural masterpieces of ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome. Also, do craft work. Uzbekistan, Uzbek national house with a candle delicious dishes. (Optional) This night will be spent in Samarkand.
Day 4: After breakfast, there will be a tour of Samarkand. At the moment, Bibi Khanum mosque (XV), Eastern Market "Siyab market", Mausoleum of Imam al-Bukhari. A lunch. National costume theater show - Fashion Show free time. The night will be spent in Samarkand.
Day 5: After breakfast drive to Bukhara (280 km 3-4 on the break,) will be. Have to stop off and visit the famous ceramist Gijduvan Rabate workshop. Ceramic Studio is a candle. Arrival to Bukhara and accommodation at the hotel. Bukhara, you will spend the night.
Day 6: Breakfast at seven in the morning. Full day tour in Bukhara: Bukhara, as mentioned in the holy book Avesta, a sacred mountain in spring, some of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan is one of the proposal is structured Zoroastrians. The city was once a major trading center on the Silk Road was. Start with a sofa, a dining Nodir folklore show. (Optional) The night you will spend Bukhara.
Day 7: Fayzulla Khodzhaev House Museum, a small tea house, the seat of the palace of the last emir of the Mocha Sitora Khosa (XIX-XX) after a visit to the breakfast. It was one of the best examples of the architecture of the palace. Guncha carved mirror with a layer of special beauty, "White Hall" called. A lunch. Free time to relax. Bukhara, you will spend the night.
Day 8: After breakfast, desert gold-godfather (. 480 km) Xivə go. On the road from the hotel, you will be already familiar sight Xivə trip to the region. Free time to relax. Xivə you will spend the night.
Day 9: Breakfast at seven in the morning. A sightseeing tour through Xivə: Ichang-Kala architectural ensemble - an "open air museum". Khorezm after the date of his age can be obtained from several ancient times, since civilizations. You are a rich mosaic, unique and beautiful minarets, madrassas, mosques, palaces, which you will see. A transfer to the airport in Urgench. Tashkent started. Arrival in Tashkent. A transfer to the hotel and the location. You will spend the night in Tashkent.
Day 10: Transfer to the airport for a start.

11 - VIII century, perhaps during the absence of information Hive Kutaib relentless destruction of cultural monuments in the city and was the result of Khorezm. Muslim conquest of Khorezm campaign.

In the tenth century, Hiva, including the composition and the ball Horezmshahom Samanidov Mamnun was part of the Empire. 995 years of Muhammad. Qhaznevids who reigned from 1034 to 1017, he was, until 1017, when the conquest of Khorezm Mamnu Dynasty rule identifiers.

The rapid development of the city and its economic, commercial and cultural - this time the Renaissance was marked Hiva. Traces have been found in excavations of this period, and most of all Hiva, maybe Ichan-Kala-Kalya region and Dishan showed an increase in all material respects. Glass, metal and ceramics are produced for the processing industry. Hiva extraordinary fine pottery ceramic vessels, such as the films made easy by the teachers, were present. Plugs and covered with a variety of stylized listja ships outliers, sometimes animals, birds and fish, with pictures, in Arabic script, and he said the spiritual fathers want the best occupation, production was often decorated.

This Istarhi (tenth century), according to the ancient capital of Khorezm, and under travel Hazaraspa Hiva - Qurgani the capital for four days and then go and get. Arik, and a lot of channels, Hiva, the largest of them, the future was Palvan-jab, Khorezm sprayed areas in the south.

Saint (975), the "channel at the edge of the desert near the town of Hiva. All the necessary conditions are present in a mosque." At the same time, geographical location of the tenth century, an anonymous work ", surrounded by a wall and part of the Hiva Urgenc a small town." Al-Alam Al-Alam, on the border Author of Ichan-Kalya be just fine - Ichan-Kala in the Kalya and Dishan - QAPugachenkova reconcile this apparent contradiction, she believes Maqdis everything in the hive. Thus, H Hiva century, the castle, the wall Shahristan (Ichan-Kala) away, amplified and calculations (Dishan-Kala) was seen in the second half.