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Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 02

Activity: Cultural tour

Destination: Uzbekistan

Duration: 10 days


Day 1: Tashkent, where you will meet the guide at the airport in the future. You will be accompanied in the city of Tashkent. Then you will have breakfast and relax. Hotel Night.

Day 2: We have a morning flight to Nukus and the tour begins. Guesthouse transfer from Nukus. Nukus sightseeing. Russian and Uzbek Art, the Museum of Art and the State Museum of use. Free time. B & B Night

Day 3: Day trip to the old fishing village of Aral Sea used to begin with Moynak. Xivə Moynak for the afternoon drive. Xivə arrival. Hotel Night.

Day 4: Today Xivə UNESCO World Heritage site prior to sightseeing in the Ichan-Qala fortress visit. Mukhammad medresah Amin Khan, Mukhammad Rakhimkhan medresah, Kunya Ark of free time during the day, please. Hotel Night.

Day 5: Day of Bukhara begins. Amu Darya river to stop by to see. Morning arrival in Bukhara. Check-in at the hotel. Free time. Hotel Night.

Day 6: a tour of Bukhara. Chor-Minor Madrassah Ismail Samani, Arc Fortress, Chashma-Ayub, KALONA mosque and minaret, Madrassah Miri-Arab, Magoki-Attari Mosque, Madrasah Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan, trade domes, Lyabi Hauz complex, please visit the mausoleum. Hotel Night.

Day 7: Today we will continue sightseeing of Bukhara. Sitorai-Mokhikhosa emirs of Bukhara, chorus-Bakr, and the Mausoleum of Naqshbandi Bakhoutdin Trip Summer Palace. Bukhara free time in the afternoon.

Day 8: Day to Samarkand via Shakhrisabz. Shakhrisabz stop for sightseeing. Ak-Saray Palace, the ruins of the Mausoleum of Sheikh Omar Jakhongir and see. In the afternoon you will drive to Samarkand. Samarkand, check in the hotel. Free time.

Day 9: Today we have sightseeing in Samarkand. Visit the Registan Square, Bibi-Khanum Mosque, Shaki-Zinda necropolis, Gur-Emir Mausoleum, Ulugbek observatory Ruins. Hotel Night.

Day 10: Today we will continue sightseeing in Samarkand. Imam al-Bukhari, Muslim, visited the complex for the drive. The place was built in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the mausoleum of Imam al-Bukhari, after independence, the modern mosque is known for. Free time during the day. Hotel Night.

Day 11: We end the tour with a visit to Tashkent. Arrival at the hotel in Tashkent. Sightseeing in Tashkent. The center of Tashkent, Amir Temur Square, Independence Square, please. Hotel Night.

Day 12: Tashkent airport in the morning you will be taken back to the guide.

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