Me and my wife had spent wonder4ful holidays in Kyrgyzstan back in 2019. Our tour was organized by a professional team of local providers. We were happy with all the services; our guide was very competent and knew lots of facts about the country, the driver was very safe and polite. We enjoyed our staying at locals' in Chon-Kemin gorge where we had a wonderful horse riding tour. Issyk kul region has a lot to offer, but we liked the atmosphere of the lake of Son Kul where the sheep graze and no person can be found within a kilometer distance. If you want to have a tour in Kyrgyzstan, then join this company.

Alice, Reviews 

We want to say big thanks to the team for the excellent work. All the details and logistics were worked out carefully in our tour along Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. During our correspondence, we asked a lot of questions, changed the program many times, but we finally we received the tour we wanted. The organization and operation of the tour was also on a high level. We simply enjoyed our excursions, tours and outdoor activities in these beautiful countries.

Charles, Reviews 

We rented a car from this company and never regretted our choice. The prices were reasonable and we were provided many bonuses like the free booking of accommodation, free equipment for camping, airport transfers, etc. These guys were neat and reliable to work with. The car we rented was in a good shape and did not cause any problems when travelling in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Ann, Reviews  

We were a big company of old friends that travelled in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Each member had different tastes and preferences, but we managed to bring our wishes together and travelled in a totally new destination for us. Thanks to the professional work of a local team, we had a great time and a wonderful travel experience. All went smoothly and everyone enjoyed the trip!

Michael, Reviews 

I was so surprised to see that Central Asia region is already quite tourist populated even though I thought I would be alone here ;) . Nevertheless, I was happy that my tour went through less touristy areas in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. There are still so many things to discover. I want to thank my driver in Kyrgyzstan, Joomart who was excellent driver and great companion. I want to come back and explore other countries in Central Asia and definitely would choose this company again.

Jan, Reviews 

I was leading a group of elderly people in stan countries in 2018. The group was quite demanding and experienced travellers. Nevertheless, the local teams of professionals made their journey quite pleasing and interesting. It was very pleasant to work with top specialists like you. Hope to bring more tourists in Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries and develop new projects with you.

Lily, Reviews