Dear friends! We are glad to see you in Central Asia!

Everyone knows that Central Asia is a paradise for nature lovers of high and majestic mountains, lakes and rivers, rich in flora and fauna, unique animals and many beauties of mother earth. They are the most hospitable people who will gladly use every guest with an open heart. Each tour conducted with our team of professionals will give only bright emotions and a desire to travel here again. We can also provide you with cars for rent so that you can comfortably drive on the high roads of five countries. This is a great chance to get aesthetic pleasure and buzz. Indeed, tours in Central Asia deserve maximum appreciation. We have provided for absolutely everything and are ready to go to a meeting according to your wishes and requirements. The guests of our country will be properly served and enjoy by the open heart full of love.

It is always time to learn something new and add brightness to your travels, especially if this is a combined tour. Come to explore KyrgyzstanKazakhstanTajikistanUzbekistan and of course Turkmenistan. We are always glad to be your helpers. Travel right now and get everything from life!


Our guides

The guides of our company are highly professional and able to find solutions to almost all obstacles that may arise in certain situations. We only have real and professional guides with highly qualified education. You can always contact us and we will select any guide according to your preferences, although we are just sure that all our professionals are the best! You will always have the opportunity to use car rent and get only a high-quality car that will provide you with complete safety and comfort.

It is important to note that our guides have great potential with knowledge of everything about the five Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Thus, they will tell everything and more. Walking and at the same time getting interesting facts and getting maximum knowledge that will become an indispensable assistant for your next tours. And the best thing is to do a combo tour and learn more about countries with a rich history.

We are ready to meet and organize an unforgettable tour for our dear guests with car rent in Central Asia!


Our guides, Kyrgyzstan tours

We are glad to welcome you on a tour of Central Asia and provide car rent. We offer services for car rent without a driver and car rent with a driver in Central Asia. Don't hesitate and contact us. We will choose the best option for you!

We value your time and make every effort to ensure that our clients experience only positive emotions from cooperation with our company. Our goal is the exceptional quality of transport services.

Our advantage is the flexibility and modification of our offers specifically for the needs of your company. We select drivers very carefully. Our staff consists of only professional and intelligent people.

For our guests we offer SUVs for every taste and in excellent condition. We care about the guests of our beloved country and wish that their stay in Central Asia was as comfortable as possible. We are proud of the technical condition of our vehicles. Our cars for rent are serviced in the best technical centers in Bishkek.

We are available 24/7 to help resolve any issues on the tour. Visit our website and get additional information about transport in Central Asia.

Transport, Kyrgyzstan tours

Transport, Kyrgyzstan tours 

When traveling to any country, the most important question is where to spend the night. After all, this is the most important thing in the journey.

Our company is always happy to help you book any place for an overnight stay on your tour of Central Asia. You will have the opportunity to choose any hotel or the guesthouse or desire for a homestay in the house of local residents. Of course, any accommodation in Central Asia will be affordable for every traveler. There are not only affordable prices, but also ideal conditions for any type of tour.

By choosing any of the countries like Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan you can learn more about their culture and traditions. For a comfortable stay, we also offer to use our car rent services and take a ride in all your favorite destinations. We are sure you will like it.

Here, not only a favorable atmosphere reigns, but also a very hospitable people who will receive each guest with an open heart and inspiration. So, choose us and we will always be happy to help you with any question regarding your tour and accommodation.

Accommodation, Kyrgyzstan tours 

What do you think about when you imagine Central Asia? It is known that most tourists appreciate the regions for their crazy gastronomic tours.

Cuisine in Central Asia is diverse. Almost all national food is associated with meat and dough. This suggests that people here mainly led a nomadic lifestyle and therefore are considered one of the most powerful peoples.

During your tour, our company can gladly organize a gastronomic tour for you where you can enjoy the excellent national cuisine of Central Asia. This is delicious beshbarmak pilaf from carrots, spices and dried fruits, samsa from fresh minced meat, hot boorsok with jam or honey, and much more. All this is possible to try here. Our company is happy to organize an unforgettable tour in all directions. The food here is really delicious and of course high in calories. Lovers of healthy food will always be able to find something dietary and not harm the figure.

Guests of our country will be delighted with the calorie and variety! But for a comfortable stay, you can also use car rent services and make your tour brighter.

Meals, Kyrgyzstan tours

Meals, Kyrgyzstan tours 

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We are pleased to provide you with combined tours in Central Asia. Each guest will be able to visit magnificent countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and of course, unique Turkmenistan. It will be an eventful journey for those who want to see everything at once.

During your tour, you will have the opportunity to experience the nature, culture and architecture of each of the countries you visit. You can also rent a car from us and get comfort. We offer only proven and high-quality cars for rent.

If you are in Kyrgyzstan, you will enjoy the excellent natural landscapes, mysterious lakes and rivers and many other natural beauties of the highest mountains.

In Uzbekistan, you will see ancient blue monuments and architecture of the most ancient religious cultures and taste delicious pilaf with dried fruits.

Kazakhstan will acquaint you not only with its main attractions, but also with its modern culture and traditions. We are sure you will be satisfied.

In Turkmenistan, you will travel through the Karakum Desert, enjoy the fiery gas crater in Darvaz or the "Gates of Hell", get acquainted with the traditions of Turkmen carpets and horses.

In Tajikistan, you will pass at the foot of the snow-capped peaks of the Pamirs, with turbulent rivers and unique flora and fauna.

Thus, as part of a combined tour of Central Asia, you will see all the diversity of the culture and nature of the countries.

5 Stan, Kyrgyzstan tours 

Kyrgyzstan is a country of majestic mountains. Some travelers associate tours to Kyrgyzstan with a vacation in a country where it is incredibly beautiful, tasty and of course clean air. During your tour, you will see many lakes, picturesque gorges and ancient monuments of architecture. Here you can also see such historical sites as the city of Karakol, Caravanserai Tash Rabat. You can also visit the Burana Tower, see the interesting Dungan Mosque and the Orthodox Church.

In general, it is advisable to hoot this country in the summer, as the mountains are covered with vegetation where you can travel along the mountain trails. The most visited place in Kyrgyzstan is Lake Issyk Kul. This is the deepest lake in the country. It is important to note that the warm season in Kyrgyzstan lasts from May to September. In winter, you can enjoy downhill skiing.

Travelers who are visiting the country for the first time can purchase one-day or multi-day tours in Kyrgyzstan. You can also rent a car and get a positive mood. We are always ready to help.


We offer tours to modern Kazakhstan. This is a very picturesque and striking country of endless steppes, wheat fields and alpine meadows, cool relict forests, crystal lakes, unique mountain peaks and eternal glaciers, deep canyons and waterfalls, endless, mysterious deserts.

Kazakhstan is a country of ancient cities looking to the future! A variety of amazing landscapes contribute to the prosperity of a rich and unique flora and fauna. During your tour, you will definitely see everything with your own eyes and get inspiration.

This country is a treasure trove of ancient history, a unique open-air museum country and a luxurious nature reserve. The natural attractions of Kazakhstan are the ancient "Great Steppe", millions of square kilometers of natural complex, blooming in spring with a rainbow of extraordinary colors and history of millennia.

Kazakhstan is a new destination for recreation, every year tours to Kazakhstan are becoming more popular.

We are ready to make your tour more convenient with our car rent service. Come quickly and buy absolutely any tour according to your preferences.


Tajikistan is the smallest state in Central Asia in terms of area. While on a tour in Tajikistan, you can see many ancient sights such as monuments of the Zoroastrian civilization of Sogdiana, amazing cities of the Great Silk Road, the majestic Pamir mountains, healing springs and, of course, varied and delicious cuisine.

This tour will bring you visits to the main cities. Each of the cities has many attractions. In addition, you can rent a car and make your tour more comfortable. Traveling to Dushanbe you will see the Palace of Nations, the Rudaki Park and much more. You will be impressed by the size of the tallest flagpole in the world with the flag of Tajikistan, and the National Museum of the Republic of Tajikistan will allow you to get acquainted with the rich history and culture of this country. Khorog is the main tourist center of the Pamirs, as well as one of the starting points for tourists to the main attractions of the Pamirs. You can see all this with your own eyes.

Enjoy the beauty of rocks, mountain rivers, labyrinths, tunnels and of course the Pamir and Fan mountains. Tajikistan is the place where you can relax in body and soul. Thanks to the unique nature, the cleanest lakes, thermal springs and favorable air, they return here to Tajikistan again and again.



We are ready to organize an unforgettable tour to Uzbekistan. This is one of the most important centers of the Silk Road. Located in the central part of Central Asia. The capital of the city is Tashkent. Other popular destinations in Uzbekistan are the cities: Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Termez. Holidays in Uzbekistan will be remembered for the kindness and hospitality of local residents, generous cuisine, exquisite wines and many exciting excursions. Tours to Uzbekistan will allow you to see many architectural monuments of the East, see the secret mosques and luxurious caravanserais.

Be sure: the prices in the country for food and souvenirs will pleasantly surprise you! There is everything and more. We are sure that you will like it. It can also be noted that we are ready to provide a quality car for rent that will take care of your safety and give you the new sensations. It is really worth it!  

Uzbekistan is a country of eternal, bright and generous sun, delicious food and sweet fruits and antiquities! Guests are always welcome here, which is why tourism is so developed in this country.

Ready to go? Do you want to relax on the territory of Uzbekistan, learn a lot about its culture and history, taste delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine and bring with you not only positive impressions, but also souvenirs from experienced craftsmen? Contact us!


Turkmenistan is an independent state in Central Asia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkmenistan gained independence.

It is important to note that this is the most closed and mysterious country in Central Asia and open for the tour!

Here is the hottest Karakum desert in the world and the unique, black and red burning crater of Darvaza. Also, Turkmenistan goes to the Caspian Sea - the world's largest enclosed reservoir, near which, thanks to a pleasant and warm climate, you can comfortably rest all year round. You can always come here at any time and get incredible pleasure. Our team will definitely help you.

Turkmenistan is rich in its centuries-old history. The roads of the Great Silk Road passed through the territory of modern Turkmenistan, and during the heyday of the Persian Empire, the largest cities of the kingdom, such as Merv, Nisa, Dehistan and many others, were built and developed in this region. Great Persian padishahs of the past left amazing palaces, mosques and caravanserais to the Turkmens.

About Turkmenistan it is impossible not to remember the famous Akhal Teke horses, which are one of the most beautiful and graceful animals on our planet.

Of course, the easiest way to travel around Turkmenistan is with a car rent. This will give independence and lightness on the tour. Visit our website and our managers will definitely contact you.